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Who are our excursions in the Chania region suitable for?

Enjoy the beauties and traditions of Crete as if you were local!

Private tours & excursions for solo travelers and small groups.  Enjoy the beauties and traditions of Crete as if you were local!

We came to Chania as visitors many years ago.
Actually, we don’t like the word “tourist” so much, as it has often a bitter taste when you see it from the locals’ side of view.
But oddly enough, even “tourists” talk badly about the other “tourists” because they think that only themselves know what is “right”.

But what exactly is that supposed to mean?
Isn’t that just a point of view?
There is real controversy on the internet, which form of holiday is probably the best one. Crazy, isn’t it?!!!
It really depends on the expectations you have for your holiday. “Live and let others live” is our motto.

We have always preferred to travel independent. So, the flight separately, rent an apartment as well as a car and go; discover the island, the people, the traditions and the hidden beauties.
Many others want to do the same but they have their reasons why they aren’t able to do it. For example, they might not find someone among their friends who has time for vacation and are afraid to travel alone.
Organized “single” holidays are simple “matching” events and not everyone has an interest in them. You see yourself less as a single holidaymaker but as a solo traveller!

We also see more and more solo travellers in the cafes and taverns, who seem to be immersed in their readings, but in the deepest interior, they certainly wish excursions in a small, nice and friendly atmosphere.

Or perhaps you are afraid to drive around the island in a rental car because you aren’t familiar with the streets and the Cretans now have their own, sometimes special, driving style. 😉

Possibly, you may just not want to be a part of the “herd” that is riding every day in big buses from “sight” to “sight”. Would the offers of the major tour operators appeal to you or would you rather be looked after individually?!

But maybe you also have a physical restriction and need someone who can take this into account. There are also many “older” visitors who would like to take a little more time to see an old monastery, for example.

Are you interested? Then, please have a look at our offers and contact us.
We are also happy to respond to individual requests.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Ta leme,
Your Crete Insiders

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